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UK,carwash sommelier Association​

It'll connect with the world through a car wash sommelier.
Merit of the license use

To car-related company

"The car washing sommelier" is the qualification that can show art of car washing, high hospitality plainly.
I acquire "a car washing sommelier" to plan the differentiation with the competing shop and am the title which can express security and a high technique for a visitor at first sight by becoming the car washing sommelier authorization shop.
As for the necessary method, it becomes from now on in the times when a person with the form is required of the original pulling in customers that can print innovation out.

Role of the car washing sommelier

The knowledge for a state and the detergent of the car is necessary to treat the important car of the visitor.

The communication with the visitor increases by a car washing sommelier existing because it is possible for precise advice and becomes easy to have you hold security and trust.

In addition, because it becomes "a car washing sommelier authorized shop", I build the security to a visitor, the reliability to car-related company engaged in car washing and think that I can connect it with pulling in customers rate up.

The acquisition of the art of car washing

Art is connected to the skill, and it becomes a ... technology.
It is necessary to understand properties such as detergent or WAX to keep the dirt of the car under control, and to usedeeply. As for "the skill of the car washing technology ," the ingredient of the contents which each detergent maker gives has a technical crystal. I am selected in the people who wash a car though I worsen it though I make use of it. I do not become beautiful even if I use it without understanding use and how to use detergent. You must understand the usage definitely. In addition, "the art" to wash is necessary for car washing. "The art" is to learn ability as a car washing sommelier by putting on special means, a method in the body.

With a car washing sommelier

The car washing sommelier is not only the car washing of the car and, having every expertise of cleaning it, makes use of the special skill and is an occupation to guide the thingwhich met a demand of the visitor, and to provide. In addition, I assume art of car washing and knowledge, the constant standard in the part such as the careful waiting on customers and hospitality standardization and am the qualification "car washing sommelier" authorization holder as the proof that is the car washing art holder common throughout the world.

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