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International Carwash Sommelier Group

It'll connect with the world through a car wash sommelier.
UK,carwash sommelier Corporation

The British car wash sommelier association engaged in business that thinks deeply about the improvement of qualities of people engaged in car washing in our country and the dissemination of knowledge on car washing technique, improvement of skill and car washing, consideration of the environment and the human body Through these projects, we aim to contribute to the promotion of healthy management of specialty shops by providing people with aesthetic improvement and affluent living, as well as contributing to society by caring for people involved in car washing and contributing widely to society It was

What International Car Wash Sommelier Group does

Through Car Wash Sommelier, we are aiming to get leaders from each industry to join in and make the world a better, peaceful society. We aim to employ those who are not fortunate and help those people.

Car Wash Sommelier have developed a system for the understanding of the impacts the detergent has to the earth’s environment but also to the human body. This requires a skill qualification which Car Wash Sommelier provides. Those qualified as a member become a play a role in ambition and has a nature for imagination for creating new methods for improving profits, and finally contributing to the international society.

Understating the state of the car and defining the car’s stains.

By keeping the car clean, we support the owner’s life with their cars.

Cars are not just a tool for moving. There is always a story, a memory.

Cars are a part of our lives, and we need to keep that space clean. Offering a pleasant time can be spent within the car.

Definition of International Car Wash Sommelier Group
Car Wash Sommelier defines the customer’s needs and proposes to for fill them.
International Car Wash Sommelier Group’s intensions

We have a strict worldwide qualification for those who would like to become a sommelier for car washing. The qualification is made so that the general public can understand it very easily, which contributes to the improvement of knowledge and skills. By creating a network of the qualified Car Wash Sommelier shops and specialists worldwide, we aim to create a better society, a higher employment rate.

About International Car Wash Sommelier Group

The General Incorporated Foundation, Japan Car Wash Sommelier Group is aimed to enliven and improve the car wash society. The ideology within car washing, the technique, the effects the chemicals can impose on the human body and the environment all put together provides a better service. In the future though the Car Wash Sommelier Group we would like to propose to the world the love and beauty we put in to our car washing and the technique of the Japanese style. 

Through the service we provide we would like to provide the shops a better store operation with staff with in depth knowledge contributing to an aesthetically clean society and a better world. 

Qualification-Car Wash Sommelier

Car Was Sommelier is not just a ordinary car washer but it is somebody who has the knowledge to make the even the smallest of details clean. By having the knowledge gives the shop a wider range of choices to provide to the customer. There are strict standards about customer services, knowledge and washing techniques. The techniques and services are set at a certain level and those who have the capability of the skill earn the qualification to be a “Car Wash Sommelier” for the first time.

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