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It'll connect with the world through a car wash sommelier.
Examination summary

The British car wash sommelier association engaged in business that thinks deeply about the improvement of qualities of people engaged in car washing in our country and the dissemination of knowledge on car washing technique, improvement of skill and car washing, consideration of the environment and the human body Through these projects, we aim to contribute to the promotion of healthy management of specialty shops by providing people with aesthetic improvement and affluent living, as well as contributing to society by caring for people involved in car washing and contributing widely to society It was

UK,carwash sommelier Corporation
What is car wash sommelier

Car wash Sommelier is a professional knowledge of not only car washing car but also everything to clean up, taking advantage of its special skills, guide and provide things according to customer's request. It is also a certified "car wash sommelier" qualification as a certificate holder of car wash surgery that is common to the world, with standardized standards such as car wash technique and knowledge, polite attendance and hospitality

"Car wash sommelier"is a qualification that can clearly show the height of car wash technique and hospitality.In order to differentiate itself from competing shops as well as acquiring "car wash sommelier", it is a title that can represent customers with security and high technology at a glance by becoming a car wash sommelier certified shop.The method you will need will be the time when you need a person with a unique form of attracting customers who can innovate.

Benefits of licensing
To the car related business operator
Role of car wash sommelier

In order to handle your important car, you need knowledge of the condition of the car and detergent.As car wash sommelier exists, communication with customers increases because it can provide accurate advice, etc. It will make it easier for you to feel comfort and trust.We also believe that it is possible for business owners involved in car wash to become "car wash sommelier certified shops", thereby creating a sense of security and reliability for customers, leading to an increase in customer attraction I will.

Learning of car washing technique

Technique and art are connected ... technology becomes.It is necessary to deeply understand the properties of detergents and WAXs that grasp the dirt of the car and use it. "Technology" of car wash technology has technology crystals in the ingredients of each detergent manufacturer's issue. It depends on the person who car washes whether to make it use it or make it bad. It does not become beautiful even if it is used without knowing the use and usage of detergent. We must clearly understand how to use it. Also, washing "washing" is required for car washing. "Art" is to master abilities as a car wash sommelier by wearing special means and methods.

Car wash test content

Whether every check item can be finished quickly and politely within a limited time.· Whether car wash can be done with a determined procedure without loss.· Do you have the ability to adequately advise customers by grasping knowledge of car wash detergent, ingredients of dirt and how to drop off, properties of paint etc?· Acquisition of knowledge such as air pollution, environmental, detergent, dust mold, mite effect on the human body· Whether it is unbelievable as to car wash sommelier's qualities.· Whether car wash as sommelier is behaving behaviors.

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